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intergenerational trauma toolkit for therapists

Unlock Mastery in Handling Complex Cases:

Your Neuroscience-Based Toolkit for Intergenerational Trauma Therapy

Are You Tired of Chasing Endless Trainings Without Seeing Real Results?

Break free from the perpetual cycle of courses and certifications. Master the art of effective therapy for complicated families deeply affected by intergenerational trauma.

Streamlined Assessments and Interventions for Lasting Impact

Providing competent and impactful support for families wrestling with intergenerational trauma is no small feat. It demands precise assessments and finely-tuned interventions that benefit not just the child or teen, but also the caregiver. Our approach goes beyond conventional methods by targeting the family's nervous system while concurrently addressing the caregiver's unresolved trauma.

Step Off the Training Hamster Wheel and Become the Go-to Expert in Your Practice or Agency—Effortlessly Tackling Even the Toughest Cases.

Go Beyond Surface-Level Interventions: Unlock Transformative Tools for Complex Cases

Benefits of the Toolkit:

Master Your Understanding of Intergenerational Trauma

Gain a deep, nuanced understanding of how trauma is transmitted across generations, making you an authority in your field.

Unearth Hidden Dynamics

Utilize our step-by-step guide to detect subtle but significant impacts of intergenerational trauma on parent-child relationships, setting the foundation for meaningful change.

Navigate Parental Challenges

Identify the intricate challenges that stem from generational patterns of trauma affecting both children and their caregivers, enabling targeted interventions.

Refine Your Attachment Assessments

Conduct preliminary assessments that identify areas of strength and concern in parent-child attachment, allowing for personalized therapeutic approaches.

Evaluate Trauma Impact Levels

Gauge the extent to which children are affected by intergenerational trauma, enabling more precise intervention strategies.

Empathetic Parental Insight

Deepen your understanding of the caregiver's mindset without jeopardizing the therapeutic relationship, making room for more meaningful interactions.

Accelerate Attachment Skill-Building

Employ Polyvagal Theory-based techniques to quickly foster attachment skills with caregivers, reducing their stress and enhancing their parenting capabilities.

Recognize and Address Caregiver Dysregulation

Equip yourself with the skills to help caregivers identify and manage their dysregulation related to their unresolved trauma, enhancing the parenting experience.

Promote Parent-Child Co-Regulation

Fine-tune your skills in fostering co-regulation between parent and child, a crucial aspect in the healing and nurturing process.

Deepen Your Specialized Expertise

Learn multiple concepts and therapeutic approaches rooted in neuroscience, elevating your skills and positioning you as a true specialist in intergenerational trauma therapy.

I'm not merely handing you a superficial checklist; I'm equipping you with a comprehensive, neuroscience-based system for both assessment and brief intervention. Transform not just your skillset, but the lives of your clients as well, using the unparalleled power of Polyvagal Theory and attachment science.

Your Comprehensive Solution for Mastering Intergenerational Trauma Therapy—At an Unbeatable Pre-Sale Price 

  • Five Domains of Assessment Checklist ($97 Value)

    Illuminate the areas most impacted by intergenerational trauma in parent-child relationships. Navigate your assessment process with unmatched precision and efficacy.

    Introduction to Intergenerational Trauma Workshop with Barbara Woods, Ph.D. ($97 Value)

    Engage in an enlightening overview conducted by Dr. Barbara Woods herself. Gain an in-depth understanding of how trauma reverberates across generations, leaving a lasting impact on children and the family dynamic.

    Polyvagal Theory, Assessment, and Interventions Training Video ($97 Value)

    Dive into a 90-minute training session that equips you with the essential skills to employ Polyvagal Theory in both assessment and interventions. Fortify your practice with evidence-based techniques.

    Five-Step Polyvagal Attachment Framework ($197 Value)

    Empower parents with a potent, neuroscience-based approach to enhance co-regulation and foster emotional safety with their children. This framework includes short video explanations to amplify your understanding and execution.

    Crack the Code On Attachment Workbook for Parents ($97 Value)

    Bestow a 10+ page reproducible workbook that helps parents harness the transformational power of co-regulation and understand attachment through a Polyvagal lens. Elevate your practice by extending these insights directly to caregivers.

    [BONUS]: 30 Days of Intergenerational Trauma Videos ($97 Value)

    Receive daily short videos that broaden your understanding of intergenerational trauma and furnish you with additional concepts to enrich your therapeutic toolkit.

Total Value:  $682


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